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Mini sex dolls are compact TPE dolls that are built for sexual intercourse with their sole purpose being the satisfaction of a person or persons and achieving their sexual desires.

These dolls have bodies of around 18 inches in height from head to foot. The mini sex dolls are blessed with realistic features that make them look marvelous. With bodies made from high quality TPE they get realistic features. The metal frame that is used to make these dolls is also the reason for their flexible bodies, giving you the advantage of setting them up for the sex positions you love the most.

The most jaw gaping of all the dolls are real mini sex dolls . These love dolls have a realistic figure of a woman with really adorable and very special looking face. Real mini sex dolls also come in different types, colors and other unique features, these features help to cater to a wider audience. They include Mini Sex Doll from around 65cm, Min Real Doll Yumi from around 3ft 3inch and Mini Love Dolls.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys the company of sexy girls with great bodies, then you need to take into consideration owning a mini sex doll (65cm). Her cute big eyes together with the key features will definitely make you enjoy your sex the way you want it. These mini sex dolls are 25.6inches in height, 13.8inches at the bust, have a 9inch waist, with 13.4inch hips and a 5.5inch deep vagina. And all these is crafted from high end Silicone TPE. This sex dolls’ small size contributes to its easy storage capabilities and ease of maintenance.

Another mini sex doll is the 3ft3inch doll. This one has been incorporated with a metal skeleton which is important because it can for changes in sexual positions just like a real woman. The doll has standard anal, vaginal and anal cavities. The weight of  26lbs has also been a major help to making it portable, something you could carry with you even when travelling.

It has been an emerging trend where men are now getting open to the sex doll craze. If you haven’t had any previous experience with sex dolls, then you may feel a bit overwhelmed at first. Eventually, you will get used to it. 

Do you want a teen, Asian, cheap or an exotic sex doll?

In addition to your specific wants and needs, there are other factors that you should take into account when choosing a sex doll, like price and functionality. Mini sex dolls have taken the sex doll world by storm, with a lot of people preferring them for their compact sizes.

With weights ranging from 5 kg to 20 kg these dolls come with some very nice mobility options. These fact makes these mini sex dolls so fun. With the different sexual styles you could do, your imagination is your ceiling.

A mini sex doll will come fairly priced.

They are much more affordable compared to larger dolls and they actually have all the same anatomical features, including a well-formed body and even sexual region. These sex dolls come with adorable face backed up with unforgettable bodies to accompany them. The only thing that actually differs those mini dolls from their full-size counterparts is the fact that their torso, limbs and generally their body are smaller and lighter.

Heavenly, this is the only word that would fit to describe the feeling you get when you enjoy the company of a mini sex doll. Some dolls are made to feel very realistic, with lifelike skin and features. Others are less realistic, but can still provide a fun and satisfying sexual experience.

It is true that mini-dolls cannot look as realistic as a regular sized sex doll, particularly due to their much smaller height. This doll can come with only the vaginal cavity, or with both the vagina and anal cavity or like some special mini dolls they could come with all three holes set in place for you to enjoy. It is the best fit doll for people who are new to the sex doll industry. Each of these mini dolls come in a different category, these categories are used to serve different clients. These dolls are made in different forms for these. For example, she can have big or smaller boobs, a luscious big or smaller butt and different types of hair, as well. Whether you prefer a blond, brunette or another hair color, you will definitely find a doll you like the most.

Mini sex dolls can be of different skin color and even nationalities. The Asian mini doll and the Latin mini dolls are the two mini series that people all recommend to each other. For people who value privacy, the mini sex dolls is a perfect fit, with the ability to be cramped up in tight spaces. You can even carry your doll along with you on your next journey abroad.. Therefore, you will only be able to enjoy some good vaginal intercourse.

For the best sex dolls always make sure you talk to your supplier to help you when picking one, this eliminates the blind picking and ensures you get the best sex doll for you.

The best way to clean your mini sex doll will vary depending on the materials she is made from and her level of dirt on the doll.

We recommend beginning with a basic wipe down with a soft, wet cloth and some mild, unscented soap. If the doll is especially filthy, a mild bleach solution or disinfection wipes may be required. When it’s clean, make sure to fully rinse and dry it before using it again.

Below are the best tips out there on the storage and maintenance of your sex doll.

Keep them out of direct sunlight, as this can damage the material they are made out off.

Keep your doll cool and dry her off.

Avoid storing them in areas where there is a lot of dust or other particles that could potentially damage them.

Come view our catalog for mini dolls in store. Our small sex dolls are perfect for those who want the sex doll experience but also want a doll that is easier to carry and store. It is like having a portable version of the full size real looking doll.

The mini sex doll is a good choice for beginners and people who want to keep their sex life on the down low. It offers the users the advantage of having a shrunk down real sex doll with the ability of portability. The doll itself is ease to manipulate during sex and allows for different sexual positions as well. The mini sex doll also allows for customization as well, meaning you can design your doll to be just for you.

If you are a fun like full body realistic sex dolls but do not mind a smaller size doll because of the storage advantage , then miniature sex dolls are a spot on choice for you..

Life-size sex dolls ( height 140cm and above) are a bit large, but they come in a variety of shapes and styles. At SexDollxxx, you can find Asian Sex Dolls, Skinny Sex Dolls, Japanese Sex Dolls, Flat Chested Dolls, Big Breasted Sex Dolls and BBW Sex Dolls. These dolls come with the real life doll size but they use lighter materials to allow the to become lighter.

Our mini love dolls are made of TPE material. This real life like TPE gives you the illusion of having sex with a midget girl or a small bodied lady. TPE makes the dolls feel so life like and making them more enjoyable.

We are here to help you and make this journey pleasant for you. Just visit our site and chose the doll that you love the most, add it to your cart and check out. Or call us and we can help guide you through this process.

People are increasingly looking for these little dolls. Because of their diminutive dimensions, petite micro sex dolls are ideal for ensuring secrecy. If you wish to keep it hidden, it fits easily in small locations away from inquisitive eyes.

They can also be used to meet all of your emotional requirements. These small dolls are used to try to meet the emotional needs of various people. A person who simply does not want to be alone is a good example. People that enjoy cuddling at night also love them.

In comparison to inexpensive blow up dolls, the 100cm silicone sex doll can be a fun and enjoyable sexual instrument that provides a more realistic sensation.

Many people’s lives have been improved as a result of these dolls. They are used to keep people with unstable sexual disorders from preying on young people by controlling their impulses.

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